Discover the rugged beauty of Amendola’s Wood Grain Vinyl Fence, a fence like no other. Our lineup includes a variety of Wood Grain styles and gates to meet your fencing needs. Opt for our Cedar option, designed to mimic natural wood while delivering the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl. We also offer the timeless appeal of cypress and sandstone finishes. Embrace the rustic charm without compromising on durability. Experience the authentic look of wood with the resilience of PVC materials.

Cedar PVC

Experience the fusion of cedar’s natural charm with vinyl’s durability in Amendola’s Cedar Grain Vinyl Fences, offering designs like Oklahoma and Illinois for a personalized fencing solution.


Unveil the timeless appeal of Cypress with Amendola’s Cypress Grain Vinyl Fences, offering a wide variety of styles to cater to diverse aesthetic tastes while ensuring lasting durability.


Explore our Sandstone collection, where vinyl meets the natural appeal of wood grain, offering a perfect blend of aesthetic allure and durable functionality for any fencing project.