Amendolas Fence

Elevate your property with the timeless charm of the South Carolina Vinyl Picket Fence. This classic picket fence design, expertly crafted from maintenance-free PVC, combines traditional aesthetics with contemporary durability. With options available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 feet heights, this fence is fully customized to your needs. Here’s why the South Carolina Vinyl Picket Fence by Amendola’s stands out:

Key Features:

  • Custom Craftsmanship: Every property is unique, and your fencing should reflect that. The South Carolina Vinyl Picket Fence is entirely custom-made to match your specifications. With a range of color choices at your disposal, this fence complements your home’s aesthetics seamlessly.
  • Built to Last: Experience the peace of mind that comes with PVC fencing. This fence doesn’t chip, fade, rust, or decay, ensuring it maintains its beauty over the years. Say goodbye to time-consuming painting, as this fence is virtually maintenance-free. It’s a testament to long-lasting durability and beauty.
  • Unmatched Resilience: This PVC fence is engineered to withstand even the harshest conditions. UV inhibitors guard against the sun’s harsh rays, and additional additives make the vinyl both rigid and flexible, preventing cracking. It’s a fence designed for resilience without sacrificing aesthetics.

Invest in the South Carolina Vinyl Picket Fence by Amendola’s for a fencing solution that marries classic beauty with modern durability. Our commitment to crafting high-quality, customizable PVC fencing ensures that your property is not only well-protected but also exquisitely adorned. For a fence that lasts, requires minimal maintenance, and enhances your property’s charm, choose Amendola’s Fence Company.

Proudly Made in the USA!

Available Colors:

Color: PVC Sandstone


Color: PVC Cypress


Color: PVC Cedar Grain


Color: PVC Adobe


Color: PVC Gray


Color: PVC Tan


Color: PVC White


Color: PVC Black


Some colors not available in certain styles. Refer to specific styles for availability.