Amendolas Fence

Amendola’s presents the North Carolina Thru Rail Style Vinyl Fence, a fusion of classic aesthetics and contemporary durability. This semi-private PVC fence exudes an old-fashioned charm while delivering maintenance-free, long-lasting quality. Available in heights ranging from 3 to 6 feet, this fence is custom-crafted to your specifications, complete with a choice of colors that seamlessly complement your home. Here’s why the North Carolina Thru Rail Style Vinyl Fence stands out:

Key Features:

  • Custom Craftsmanship: Your property is unique, and your fence should reflect that. The North Carolina Thru Rail Style Vinyl Fence is fully customizable, tailored to your precise specifications. With a variety of color options available, this fence harmonizes with your home’s aesthetics, ensuring a perfect match.
  • Built to Endure: Say farewell to the headaches of traditional fencing. This PVC fence doesn’t chip, fade, rust, or decay, preserving its beauty and structural integrity. There’s no need for time-consuming painting, as it’s virtually maintenance-free. Experience long-lasting durability and beauty with a fence that will withstand the test of time.
  • Unyielding Resilience: This PVC fence is designed to tackle even the harshest environmental challenges. UV inhibitors shield against the sun’s harsh rays, and additional additives ensure the vinyl remains both rigid and flexible, guarding against cracking. The result is a fence that combines timeless elegance with unmatched resilience.

Invest in the North Carolina Thru Rail Style Vinyl Fence by Amendola’s for a fencing solution that seamlessly blends classic charm with modern durability. We’re committed to providing high-quality, customizable PVC fencing that not only enhances your property’s aesthetics but also delivers robust protection. For enduring quality, minimal maintenance, and timeless beauty, make Amendola’s Fence Company your first choice.

Proudly Made in the USA!

Available Colors:

Color: PVC Sandstone


Color: PVC Cypress


Color: PVC Cedar Grain


Color: PVC Adobe


Color: PVC Gray


Color: PVC Tan


Color: PVC White


Color: PVC Black


Some colors not available in certain styles. Refer to specific styles for availability.