Composite Fences

Are you in pursuit of serenity and sophistication for your outdoor sanctuary? Our composite fencing options transcend the ordinary, delivering more than just a fence; they’re gateways to luxury, style, and tranquility for your property.

Your property deserves a fence that’s more than a mere barrier. It’s a statement of style, a testament to your values, and a celebration of the great outdoors. At Amendola’s Fence Company, we’re dedicated to delivering the finest composite fences to transform your outdoor space into an oasis. The elegance of nature, fortified by modern engineering, is within your reach. Choose your color, unleash your creativity, and let us create the masterpiece your property deserves.


Looking for a peaceful, relaxing backyard? You need the Ecostone! This textured fence looks and feels just like stone! Available in many different colors. This fence provides maximum security and blocks 98% of direct sound. The Ecostone fence is also maintenance free and weather tested. Also available in different heights as well.

Ashland PVC

Create a tranquil backyard getaway with the Ashland PVC  fence. Unlike other wood grain PVC, this fence is textured like real wood. Manufactured in the U.S. Ashland panels are made from a blend of polyethylene and contain up to 25% recycled material. No trees are cut down for the purpose of manufacturing this fence. Ashland PVC is 100% maintenance free, so you get to just enjoy it. This fence has been tested to withstand extreme weather conditions with little to no fading.