Scalloped Open Spindle Custom Wood Fence Toppers

Enhance your outdoor space with our Scalloped Open Spindle Wood Topper. Visualize an array of finely crafted spindles, skillfully carved from top-tier Cedar, adding a touch of delightful charm to your fence. Each spindle reflects our commitment to craftsmanship, turning your fence into an elegant masterpiece. Pick from 18″ or 24″ heights for our Wood Fence Toppers, marrying visual appeal with customization, and making your fence uniquely yours while ensuring top-notch quality.

Key Features:

  • Artistic Flourish: The Scalloped Open Spindle Wood Topper presents a mesmerizing display of spindle work, meticulously carved from premium Cedar. It imparts your fence with enchantment and artistic allure that resonates throughout the space.
  • Height Versatility: Our Wood Fence Toppers are offered in 18″ and 24″ heights, allowing you to adjust your fence’s stature to harmonize with your property’s aesthetics, achieving a perfect balance between visual appeal and practicality.
  • Cedar Craftsmanship: Every spindle speaks of our commitment to quality, meticulously fashioned from the highest quality Cedar. This pairing of elegance and durability ensures your fence remains a symbol of beauty and sophistication for years to come.

Our dedication to innovation and craftsmanship breathes life into every product, turning your space into a masterpiece of both form and function. Experience the difference with Amendola’s, where quality and customization redefine the boundaries of style and substance.

Proudly Made in the USA!