Fence Rockville Center

Are you contemplating replacing your Fence Rockville Center?  Amendolas Fence has the fence of your dreams!  Whether you prefer Custom Wood, PVC, Chain Link or Aluminum, you will be sure to find the perfect fence for your yard.

Custom Wood

Choose a gorgeous new Cedar Wood.  These fences can be customized in several ways.  First, you need to decide if you want full privacy, or if you want a semi-privacy fence.  Your neighbors will LOVE if you opt for the double sided privacy fence!  They look beautiful on both sides and offer maximum privacy.  If you have children or pets, this can be especially helpful.  Some of these fences are also pool code compliant.  Check with local officials to make sure you know your codes!

Once you choose your fence style, you should decide which fence post will best suit your needs.  Top those off with your choice of several caps.  Consider a Wood Topper (available in several styles) to complete the look you’re dreaming of.  After that’s done, move onto your gate.  Walk gates add a nice focal point.  Especially if you choose to add an accent that matches your Fence Rockville Center!


Are you interested in a vinyl PVC fence? These fences look fantastic and are extremely durable.  Perhaps best of all, they require very little maintenance to look great for years to come.  A PVC Fence Rockville Center made at Amendolas isn’t like most fences.  They are built specially to their strict quality standards.  The steel bottom rails that they put into each section of their PVC fences makes a huge difference in durability and longevity.  Plus, Amendolas uses virgin vinyl and adds UV inhibitors.  This will guard against harm from the sun’s direct rays.

These fences can also be personalized in the same way the Custom Wood fences can be with a few extra options.  First, you can choose your color.  There are several colors available.  You can also opt for a two tone fence.  As if that wasn’t enough, the newest option for PVC fencing: add Black accents.  This new option has really taken off since it was introduced in the beginning of 2018.

Chain Link

These classic fences haven’t changed much over the years, but they’ve certainly lasted over the years!  Available in black, white, galvanized, brown and green, these fences are perfect for commercial applications.


Don’t you just love wrought iron fences?  Sure, we all do!  But, have you seen the price tag associated with them?  Plus they are a bear to maintain.  You constantly have to paint those fences because they are always chipping.  And forget about the rust.  Or better yet, forget about wrought iron altogether.  Choose an Ornamental Aluminum Fence Rockville Center!  These fences come at a fraction of the price.  They also require little to no maintenance.  And they look great and will last!

While you are visiting Amendolas, be sure to check out their  Pergolas.  These really enhance the look of your yard, add to the curb appeal and create a well defined entertainment area.  Add an Arbor to your fence and your yard will be complete!

Visit Amendolas in Amityville.  Click here if  you need to contact them for any reason at all!