Below are a few suggestions on how to keep your vinyl fence looking clean and brand new!

StainCleaning ProductMethod
Mold & Mildew"Normal Cleaning"
1 cup of "Simple Green"
1 gal. of Water"Heavy Cleaning"
1/2 "Simple Green"
1/2 Water
Mix the appropriate solution for your cleaning needsApply with a soft cloth. Use only a little pressure for "normal cleaning." For "heavy cleaning" use additional pressure
Asphalt, crayonSolvents:
Mineral spirits
V.M.P. naptha
Auto tar remover
Use plastic or wood scraper to remove excessApply mineral spirits with a soft cloth. Use only a little pressure to polish the stained area. Rinse with water.
Gum, lipstick, marking inks, nail polish, spray paint, etc.Trichloreothylene (Cleaning fluid)Use plastic or wood scraper to remove excess. Chill gum before removal.Apply cleaning fluid with a soft cloth. Apply a little pressure to remove. Rinse with water.
Stubborn StainsXylene lacquer thinnerUse this method only if the above methods have failedMoisten the area with the thinner and vigorously rub
RustVinegarMoisten area and rub with a soft cloth. Apply pressure as needed.

Remember to protect all nearby landscaping from the above cleaning solutions! For normal cleaning use a garden hose with a high pressure nozzle or brush attachment.

These procedures are suggested to remove stains etc., they are not guaranteed to remove them.